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Trade Inflo purchases and processes US Customs Service Automated Manifest System (AMS) data into a useful, affordable, and easy-to-read format. These reports detail ship’s manifest information of all deep water imports into the country, including:

  • Name of the Company
  • Addresses of the Foreign Exporters
  • U.S. Importers Information
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Cargo Specs

The pathway of the goods shipped is from the pre-shipment city to the foreign port of lading over the seas to the U.S. unlading port, the port of entry, and finally to the importer’s address. The containers controlled by the bill of lading are detailed as well as contents, cargo weight, arrival dates, and other specifications for shipment.

Improve efficiency with comprehensive AMS system reports. This data represents what is occurring at port “x” at that moment. It contains logistical information that can be tapped into and used by entities involved in cargo movement arena. Reports are free of extraneous analysis, allowing you to implement strategies based on your own resources and expertise.

Trust an Experienced AMS Company

For 40 years, we’ve provided private road freight companies with the information they need to thrive. Our professionals tailor your data to you, including all necessary port information in a clean and organized spreadsheet. We value efficient and affordable strategies and solutions. Expect helpful service and a quality product.