Port Shipments

Reliable Data Detailing Waterborne Imported Goods & Their Delivery

Find new clients and identify their cargo movement needs with reports based on Customs ships' cargo manifests from Trade Inflo. These reports enable over-the-road freight companies, seeking to develop new business and contacts, the ability to thrive in the competitive market with easy-to-read data detailing all facets of imported waterborne cargo.
Over 200 US deep water ports comprised the import cargo universe in 2016.

Expect the following vital information in any of these unladen port reports:

  • Container Contents or Bulk Commodity Description
  • Who Sent It: Company Name and Address
  • Where It Is Going: Company Name and Address
  • Who Is Moving It: Company Name and Address
  • Arrival Date
  • Cargo Weight
  • How Many Containers Associated with the Bill of Laden
  • Other Specifics: Carrier, Bill of Laden Number, Container Number(s), Pre-Shipment City, Port of Entry

Providing You With the Tools You Need to Thrive

Save on valuable US Customs waterborne import information with our unladen port reports.

We provide you with valuable cargo data pertaining to specific product import information. Prices vary on the size of the port ranging from $80 for smaller ports like Baltimore to $600 for large ports such as Los Angeles.

With over 200 seaports available nationwide, you’re able to deliver USA imports on your own terms.

You receive all the information you need to identify clients your business is compatible with. Logistics are simplified with helpful, easy-to-read cargo manifests by seaport, making it easier for you to obtain the important specifics while elevating your chance of earning more contracts.

Trust our professionals for great customer service. With more than 30 years of experience, you’re assured knowledgeable assistance when you work with us. After all, we provide you with the information you need, customized to fit your needs and expectations. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Basic AMS File Processing

Pre-processed AMS unladen port files at a low cost.

Data sent upon receipt of payment.

Additional Processing

If you need additional processing, or if you need US Department of Commerce trade data, we can provide you with a price quote based on search parameters.

For these additional processing tasks on the AMS data, or if you need US Department of Commerce information, we can provide a price quote based on your search parameters.

For these additional processing tasks there is a payment of 50% required to start and 50% upon delivery.